1: Meet the Wealthiest Pets Discover the luxurious lifestyles of pets with fortunes that rival human millionaires.

2: Gunther IV: The Rich Dog Inheriting $375 million from his owner, this German Shepherd enjoys a lavish lifestyle.

3: Grumpy Cat: The Meme Mogul With a net worth of $99.5 million, this feline made a fortune through endorsements and merchandise.

4: Olivia Benson: The Taylor Swift Sidekick This Scottish Fold cat is worth $97 million thanks to her famous owner's success.

5: Tommaso: The Fortune Cat A stray cat inherited $13 million from his owner, making him one of the wealthiest pets.

6: Blackie: The Cat Philanthropist This lucky feline inherited $15 million and donated most of his fortune to charity.

7: Sadie: The Well-Traveled Dog Inheriting $20 million, this Maltese pup enjoys luxury vacations and designer accessories.

8: Conchita: The Socialite Chihuahua This pampered pup inherited $3 million and lives a life of luxury in her designer wardrobe.

9: Trouble: The Leona Helmsley Heiress This Maltese inherited $12 million and lived a life of luxury until her passing.