1: 1. Olivia Dunne's fierce determination shone through in the Final 4. 2. Her unyielding spirit propelled her to new heights. 3. Olivia's championship mentality was unmatched on the big stage.

2: 4. Every routine showcased Olivia's unwavering focus. 5. Her grace under pressure set her apart from the competition. 6. Olivia's championship spirit was on full display in the Final 4.

3: 7. She embraced the challenge and rose to the occasion. 8. Olivia's resilience was truly inspiring to witness. 9. Her unwavering commitment to excellence was evident in every performance.

4: 10. Olivia's mental toughness proved to be a game-changer. 11. Her ability to stay composed under pressure was remarkable. 12. Olivia Dunne's championship spirit was truly a sight to behold.

5: 13. She exuded confidence and determination in every routine. 14. Olivia's unwavering belief in herself propelled her to success. 15. Her performance in the Final 4 was nothing short of legendary.

6: 16. Olivia's fierce competitive spirit set her apart from the rest. 17. Her dedication to her craft was unmatched. 18. Olivia Dunne's championship mentality was evident in every move.

7: 19. She pushed herself to new limits in the Final 4. 20. Olivia's unwavering focus was a key factor in her success. 21. Her championship spirit was truly awe-inspiring.

8: 22. Olivia Dunne's passion for the sport was palpable in every routine. 23. Her drive and determination were unmatched. 24. Her championship spirit was evident in her every move.

9: 25. The Final 4 was a true test of Olivia's championship spirit. 26. Her tenacity and grit were on full display. 27. Olivia Dunne proved herself to be a true champion in every sense of the word.