The 10 Best Banchan Korean Side Dishes

1: Geotjeori 겉절이 – Fresh Kimchi

This Korean side dish may be prepared in a short amount of time and is simple to prepare. It is a versatile accompaniment to a variety of traditional Korean cuisines. It is versatile enough to be consumed with nothing more than a bowl of rice

2: Jangjorim 장조림 – Soy Braised Beef

Among the most popular side dishes in Korea, jangjorim is a dish that is made with beef, shisito peppers, garlic, and eggs that are cooked in soy sauce. The beef pieces that are used to make these banchan are boiled in a flavorful soy marinade before being served.

3: Ganjang Gejang 간장게장 – Soy Marinated Crabs

Jorim is the Korean word for braising, and it is a popular method of preparing side dishes in Korea. Jorim is a type of meal that is prepared by boiling ingredients in a broth that has been seasoned.

4: Pa Kimchi 파김치 – Spring Onion Kimchi

This type of kimchi looks very different from the aforementioned geotjeori and is fermented, not fresh. It still packs the same great spicy taste that you’ll find in other kimchi.

5: Dubu Jorim 두부조림 – Braised Tofu

Similar to the Chinese dish mapo tofu, this simple banchan requires a few thick slices of firm tofu to simmer in a blend of soy sauce, water, black pepper and garlic.

6: Gosari Namul 고사리 나물 – Marinated Fernbrake

Unlike some bracken, which can be poisonous, this version is edible and makes for a healthy addition to a selection of banchan for a traditional Korean meal.

7: Kongnamul Muchim 콩나물 무침 – Marinated Beansprouts

Kongnamul muchim is a refreshing side dish made of marinated beansprouts that’s best served in summer or as an accompaniment to hot winter stews and soups.

8: Baek Kimchi 백김치 – White Kimchi

Baek kimchi, also known as white kimchi, is a version of kimchi that has a clean, refreshing taste and is made without the spicy chili pepper powder that gives regular kimchi its famous kick.

9: Gyeran Jim 계란찜 – Steamed Eggs

The key ingredient in this side dish is gyeran (egg) – sometimes called delayal (달걀) – and the method of cooking it is known as jjim (steaming), hence the name gyeran jjim.

10: Hobak Jeon 호박전 – Zucchini Fritters

Hobak is the name given to the group of vegetables that includes pumpkin, squash, and zucchini (courgetti), while jeon is a type of Korean pancake dish that comes in many varieties.

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