Six Signs Your Astrology Indicates You're Too Emotionally Open

1. You have a Pisces moon sign

2. You have a Cancer Venus sign

3. Neptune is in your 7th house

4. You have Mars in Libra in your birth chart

5. You have a Pisces Venus sign

6. You have Neptune square, conjunct or opposing the moon in your chart

They are typically gentle, imaginative, and lovely individuals who have a propensity to see the world through rose-colored glasses, particularly when it comes to love.

They can think they've discovered the perfect partner in the world with someone with a quite different perspective.

They can be naive in many ways since they are so receptive to people and frequently get taken advantage of in relationships or by others.

Taking off the rose-colored glasses, establishing limits, and being aware of how they are being treated are the keys to handling this combo.

They must also learn how to walk away from a relationship if they are mistreated, deceived, or, as is occasionally the case, find themselves in a perplexing partnership with no solid foundation in reality.

3. Scorpio