Chia seed pudding is one of the biggest #foodie trends on social media over the past few years! It is composed of chia seeds,  Whole Raw Milk, sweetener of your choice, and toppings!

As you can see, these other grain, plant, legume, and nut “milk” alternatives contain no enzymes or probiotics. The vital nutrients, especially the healthy fats and proteins

which have active enzymes, probiotics, healthy fats, proteins, vitamins, and calcium! Non-dairy beverages often contain loads of unwanted ingredients like sugar, flavoring, and preservatives.

My ideal chia pudding has frozen organic raspberries, peanut butter, and raw cream. I love the tangy, tart flavor raspberries give to sweet and savory dishes, especially frozen raspberries because they melt into the dish.

It’s one of my favorite foods, next to raw dairy. The combination of raspberries and peanut butter is delicious and unique! Last, but not least, you can’t forget the raw cream.

I drizzle raw cream onto almost everything. Salads, pasta, steak, chicken, oatmeal, eggs, and chia pudding. Raw cream adds richness and extra nutrients to every meal.

After 3 hours (or in the morning), take it out of the fridge and top with organic berries or another topping of choice.

Chill in the fridge for 3 hours, or overnight. Pro tip-stir it again after 20 minutes, then put back in the fridge. This will help the chia seeds to be more evenly coated.

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