1: Paulina Gretzky's stunning outfit at the Masters took the internet by storm.

2: Her chic style and effortless elegance stole the show at the prestigious golf tournament.

3: Fans couldn't get enough of Paulina's glamorous look as she supported fiancé Dustin Johnson.

4: From her trendy sunglasses to her sleek ponytail, every detail was perfection.

5: Paulina's fashion choices were a hot topic on social media and fashion blogs.

6: Her Masters look has inspired countless fashionistas to recreate her trendy ensemble.

7: Paulina's impeccable sense of style solidified her status as a fashion icon.

8: The internet couldn't stop buzzing about Paulina Gretzky's picture-perfect look.

9: With her Masters look, Paulina Gretzky proved once again that she is a style powerhouse.