On May 13, two zodiac signs prioritize themselves in relationships.

May 13's Moon square Mercury transit will bring words. Someone will speak up and it will hurt their relationship.

It's easy to fall in love and get lost in the romance, but on Monday, during Moon square Mercury, three zodiac signs will remind our lovers of what stays and what goes.

We're serious—not playing games. If we become 'number one', so be it. We must inform our partners we must take care of themselves.

You have agreed to many of their ideas, and so much of what they come up with is worthy and interesting. Still, you don't agree with everything, and on Monday, you will stand your ground.

1. Aries

Unfortunately, your partner has started to get used to the idea that you'll go along with anything simply because you are 'that' loving.

2. Cancer

You are sounding off on this topic, as Moon square Mercury is not the kind of transit that makes it easy to hold back. One person in particular doesn't seem to understand that you are not their personal butler

3. Capricorn

Monday will make you laugh at how you've taken back your power. During Moon square Mercury, you will voice what's on your mind; you are happy to be helpful

3. Scorpio