On May 12, 3 Zodiac Signs Prefer Casual Relationships

It's May. It's gorgeous out, and someone here is free. Free, as in single and possibly looking for companionship.

But there's something in the air that feels kind of...non-commital. Do we really want to get into a full-on relationship, though?

Something casual, sweet, tender, easy going and without promise. That's not to say we couldn't go with the flow and get involved ... at a later date, but as of right now, we really don't want to take all that on.

So, why wouldn't you go for it if you are in the mood for a fling? With Venus egging you on, you may find that you'll follow your heart all the way into the arms of the person who calls to you at this time.

1. Aries

You know one thing for sure: On Sunday, May 12, you last want a relationship. You want companionship, attention, sweet nothings spoken into your ear.

2. Cancer

You may be just coming out of a relationship that went sour, and you don't want a repeat performance, or you're just simply into the physical aspect of love; you want a fling.

3. Capricorn

You've spent a lot of time in relationships that really drained you, and while you will more than likely go for another round of love and commitment, you won't be doing that this Sunday.

3. Scorpio