Five Small Actions to Avoid on a First Date Under Any Circumstances

Here are 5 little things you should never, ever do on a first date:

1. Have unrealistic expectations

2. Be nonchalant

3. Ignore the check

4. Forget an exit strategy

5. Be boring

Keep up to date on current events, from politics to pop culture. Contrary to popular belief, controversial topics make for great first-date conversation.

3. Scorpio

While sticking to questions about hobbies and food ensures no one is offended, they barely make an impression

3. Scorpio

You and your date may not agree on the salaries of the Kardashian Family, but if you can disagree respectfully, you'll be sure to learn things about each other that are infinitely more interesting than your shared love of Char Siu Bao.

3. Scorpio