Aaron Rodgers Reveals His Initial Reaction To His Achilles Injury

The Aaron Rodgers experiment with the New York Jets began in the worst possible way. He tore his Achilles during the first game of the 2023 regular season. 

Rodgers discussed his injuries from Week on the "I Can Fly" podcast. He first questioned if his career was ended after suffering the injury. That's how upset he was.

Rodgers explained, "I was really thinking, 'This is it.'" You don't recover from this injury.

Rodgers quickly realized that he could and would recover from this injury, no matter how difficult the healing process may be.

Rodgers stated earlier this year that he intends to continue playing in the NFL for a few more seasons.

"I'm hopeful I can play two or three or four more years, but you need to have some good fortune in there to," he remarked.

Jets owner Woody Johnson recently discussed Rodgers' vision for the 2024 season. Obviously, he hopes the offensive line can keep the four-time MVP healthy.

"If we can keep him on his feet, which I think we can, it's going to be an exciting start to the season," he said.

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