A One-Card Tarot Card Reading For Each Zodiac Sign On April 9

You've always been independent, but you may be people-pleasing to retain peace. This tarot card suggests prioritizing oneself and doing what's best today. Rest will follow.


Love can set someone free even if it hurts. Time cures all wounds. Although you may not have wanted to do this, accepting it and moving on may be best.


Rejection is cosmic protection. It hurts when someone rejects you, but you're closer to discovering 'the one' who can't live without you.


By week's end, you may feel refreshed. Rest and unwind during this special time. Don't overcommit this week. Slow down and be realistic about time, schedule, and energy.


Mindblown! Something important is revealed. The truth of your predicament was always visible. Because of a variety of causes, you missed it and probably didn't require that information until now.


Update your social media passwords if you haven't recently. Instead of shutting off your routine, put up a two-step authentication message. A hack or privacy breach could happen today.


Even though no one likes losing something, you must accept the truth. You can try again for a specific item.


Family is so precious. You share customs and activities because your family did them. Honor what you've always done because of your upbringing. Sharing the idea with relatives brings back memories and laughs.


Your might is unmatched, Sagittarius. You're constantly on top because you don't let anything get you down. You must overcome a major obstacle today and succeed.


Maybe you despise your new employer and want them to get promoted or quit so you can stop working with them. No matter how you feel about someone, you should leave employment on good terms.


It may be foggy and perplexing now. You may even question whether you're trusting someone unworthy. Watch what people do, not just what they say.


Problems rise and fall. Today's problems will pass, and your relationship will improve. You may want to fight to know what's going on, but not now.