10 Things That People With Strong Minds Know That Others Don't

Here are 10 tiny secrets of the most mentally strong humans:

1. Nothing can hurt you when you know you have nothing to protect;

2. You were already successful the day you were born

3. Any criticism you receive may seem like an attack, but it's not about you

4. Any tension you experience is you responding to your thoughts and feeling your thoughts physically.

You never have to be afraid of anything when, following every perceived setback, you ask yourself this question

6. You never wait to be happy

7. You are the creator of everything, but no one dares to tell you this.

8. Everything you require at this time is present.

9. Societal indoctrination dictates that life should be a struggle.

10. When you adopt the persona of an impoverished victim, you debase yourself.

3. Scorpio