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What Conditions Can A Chiropractor Treat?

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Conditions Treated at Rubino Chiropractic Wellness Center in West Haven, Connecticut

A chiropractor at Rubino Chiropractic Wellness Center in West Haven, CT is a health care expert who primarily deals with conditions of the neuromuscular system. He or she will generally address pain through noninvasive manual manipulation and education in diet, posture, ergonomics, and other lifestyle issues.

What are the Conditions that a Chiropractor Treats?

A chiropractor will address various forms of chronic pain, including in the neck, back, and limbs, as well as headaches and pain caused by repetitive motion and arthritis. He or she will also address chronic pain brought on by sports and car accident injuries, pinched nerves, and herniated or bulged disks.

Treatments Offered for More Common Conditions

A chiropractor will perform a variety of nonsurgical techniques to address pain including massage and spinal adjustments, which is used to alleviate pressure on the spine. A maladjusted spine brought on by poor posture, old age, a sedentary lifestyle or sometimes injuries is a common cause of chronic pain. Such techniques can also be used to realign shoulders, hips, and joints. Adjustments can also be used to help alleviate the pain caused by pinched nerves and areas of tightened muscles called pressure points.

A massage technique called manual muscle therapy can help loosen tightened muscles and break up scar tissues in order to reduce inflammation and restore freedom of motion. Low current therapy and nerve reflex therapy are also specialized techniques that can alleviate pain and improve flexibility. Every condition that can be treated by a chiropractor is tailored for the needs of the particular patient.

Neurological Relief Center Technique

Neurological Relief Center Technique involves applying pressure to various parts of the neck called trigger points. The technique is used to alleviate nervous tension and thus the chronic pain that this can cause.

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