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Neck Pain

Neck Pain Treatment in West Haven, CT

The human neck is vulnerable to conditions that cause pain and restrict motion. People, who are seeking neck pain treatment in West Haven, often opt for chiropractic treatments.

man with neck pain that can be treated by our chiropractor in West haven

Causes of Cervical Neck Pain

Cervical neck pain can be caused by:

Muscle strains

Overuse can trigger muscle strains. People who remain hunched over their computers for prolonged periods of time, people who grit their teeth, or read in bed can strain their neck muscles.

Worn joints

The joints in the neck tend to wear down as one ages. Osteoarthritis can cause the cartilage between the vertebrae to deteriorate. The body responds by forming bone spurs that have an adverse effect on joint motion, and can lead to neck pain.

Compressed or pinched nerves

Bone spurs or herniated discs in the neck vertebrae can place pressure on the nerves that branch out from the spinal cord.

Automobile, and other types of injuries

Whiplash injuries that occur in a rear end auto collision can strain the soft tissues of the neck, as can sports and other types of injuries.


Diseases, such as cervical degenerative disease, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis or meningitis can result in neck pain.

Through chiropractic treatments, your chiropractor is able to re-align your vertebra and restore the normal motion in your neck.

Why Should You See a Chiropractor?

It is wise to see a chiropractor if you experience one or more of these symptoms:

  • Neck pain does not improve on its own after a few days
  • Turning the head to the left or right causes severe neck pain
  • You find yourself turning to over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs
  • You have concerns about what is causing your neck pain
  • The hands and/or writes have become numb or tingle
  • The neck pain began within a few days of a car accident
  • Neck pain begins in the morning, but lessens throughout the day

Why You Should Choose our Chiropractor

Rubino Chiropractic Center of West Haven is equipped to administer chronic neck pain relief by using effective, non-invasive treatments. When a patient with neck pain schedules an appointment with his or her chiropractor, the doctor will conduct a thorough exam and consultation. During the exam, the patient is asked about his or her symptoms, the history associated with the neck pain, what movement types make it worse, and what makes it feel better.

During the chiropractic examination, the doctor checks neck mobility, and searches for any signs of numbness or tenderness in the arms or hands. Neck pain treatment in West Haven may consist of various spinal manipulations, gentle exercises and other non-invasive treatments that can help bring chronic neck pain relief.

Schedule an Appointment for Neck Pain Treatments at Rubino Chiropractic Center of West Haven

The best way to receive neck pain treatment in is by scheduling an appointment at the Rubino Chiropractic Center, which is located at 130 Saw Mill Road in West Haven. Safe, effective relief is just a phone call away. Call (203) 933-9404 to schedule your appointment today.