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Sports Injury

Sports Injury Treatment in West Haven CT

One of the most common reasons we see patients here at Rubino Chiropractic Center of West Haven is for sports injury treatment. Using chiropractic methods we offer all-natural treatment for injuries, as well as drug-free pain relief.

Once we have treated your sports injury using modern therapies, such as low current therapy, we will provide you with chiropractic manipulations to prevent future pain. Learn more about our process of treating and preventing sports injuries at our chiropractor in West Haven CT.

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All-Natural Pain Relief

When you have endured a sports injury the first area you want to address is pain relief. Fortunately, with chiropractic care, we can help reduce your pain caused by inflammation, improper alignment, or swollen joints. Using spinal decompression we can also provide you with pinched nerve relief. This non-surgical spine treatment reduces pressure from herniated or bulging discs on your surrounding nerves. As part of our chiropractic care in West Haven, we also offer trigger point therapy to resolve tight muscles that are causing you pain.

Sports Injuries Treated in West Haven

Neck injuries, back injuries, and muscle injuries are the most common types of sports injuries we treat at our chiropractor in West Haven. Whiplash is a typical neck injury we see among sports players of high impact sports including football and soccer. Back injuries include sciatic nerve pain, pulled muscles, and herniated discs. Other sports injuries that can be treated by our chiropractor include concussions and shin splints.

Each of these injuries is generally caused by sudden force from an impact, such as when a person is hit or falls down. The musculoskeletal system is jarred out of alignment, which can lead to sciatica or pulled muscles. As for herniated discs, this occurs when the spine is jerked unexpectedly, causing the shell of the vertebrae to crack. The disc inside swells due to inflammation and presses against surrounding nerves, which leads to additional nerve pain.

Meet Our Chiropractor for Athletes

Our chiropractor Dr. Robert Rubino has been treating patients for more than 24 years. His specialty includes sports injury treatment for sports players at the school level and in professional leagues. He uses conservative chiropractic techniques including the Cox technique for spinal decompression and adjustments. He is also trained with using the neurological relief center technique, which is well suited for nerve pain due to sports injuries. Other therapies provided by Dr. Rubino for sports players include nerve reflex therapy and manual muscle therapy to help the body heal after an injury.

Chiropractic Clinic in West Haven CT

Here at our chiropractic clinic in West Haven CT we offer comprehensive chiropractic solutions. Whether you are suffering from a reoccurring sports injury or have a traumatic personal injury, we can assist you. We also offer chiropractic manipulations to help you prevent sports injuries.

Contact our office today at (203) 933-9404 to schedule your appointment for sports injury treatment in West Haven. All new patients receive a chiropractic consultation free of charge.